Chalk Couture Kickstarter – how it all began

The Chalk Couture Kickstarter Video popped up in my YouTube suggested videos feed and it made me think about how much the company has grown since its beginning. I don’t know how many Independent Designers there are across the Nation, but a few months before I joined Chalk Couture, I had heard over 10,000 during the first year. Wow!

At first I thought that maybe I had waited too long to jump on this adventure, but soon after, my alter ego  – this lesser known analytical person spoke up and reminded me that with around 326 MILLION peeps in the U.S. that number equated to approximately 32,600 Chalk Couture Designers to each person in our population.

That 32K sounds like good odds to me, but when I think about it more I realize that not all of those Designers have joined to build a business. It gets even better! Many people join Chalk Couture just so they can take advantage of the AWESOME 40% discount on personal and inventory purchases. SAY WHAT? Yep, it is true.. FORTY… FOUR-0, 40% DISCOUNT! And if someone orders directly from my corporate replicated website.. I earn 25%.  This numbers are completely mind-blowing to me, coming from other companies that only offered 20-25% discount.
Watching this Chalk Couture Kickstarter video makes me want to kick myself for not starting sooner. But as the saying goes, “Better late than never.” There is so much room for growth. I still think of Chalk Couture as a ground floor opportunity

Chalk Couture Kickstarter YouTube Video

This has been such an exciting beginning for me. The Chalkology Paste and Couture Ink are such a joy to work with with any type of crafting.  I love that I am able to combine it into all aspects of my crafting and gift making. It is like having two separate businesses in one.  I am able to offer workshops/classes but may also sell my completed project at vendor events and in my booth space. How lucky can a Chalky Gal get?