Transferpalooza, Chalk Sale and Free Shipping

Around these chalky halls we always LOVE a Transferpalooza Sale, but I am completely over the top excited about our added bonus of FREE SHIPPING and a awesome Chalk Sale the remainder of this month!! That’s right … you read it correctly, FREE transfers, Clearance SaleAND FREE SHIPPING! I am definitely one Cheerful Chalky Gal!!


I have really taken advantage of this sale, by purchasing extras of my most favorite designs! Take a look at the newest transfer designs that have been added!

Chalk Couture SALE

Wow! In addition to Transferpalooza, we are having a huge Spring Cleaning SALE! So many items have been added… transfers, surfaces and more!


To complete the our Terrific Trio of fabulous surprises, we have FREE Shipping! This is the perfect time to purchase those spectacular framed surfaces we all LOVE!

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Handmade Onesies are Simply Easier with Chalk Couture

Have you ever given a handmade onesie as a gift? I have many times. I love it so much, that I once even set up a onesie making table at a baby shower. I spent hours designing and cutting heat transfer vinyl,all followed by the tedious weeding process. The leftover weeded parts filled my wastebasket. It always annoyed me all of the waste that I knew would eventually hit the landfill. I kept hoping for a better way for me, as a hobbyist, to make beautiful gifts with less impact on the environment AND a much simpler process.
In walks…Chalk Couture! A complete solution to my quandary.
Chalk Couture Chalkology Inks presents in 24 beautiful shades of creamy goodness. The ink glides so smoothly through our silkscreen transfers…AND with so many wonderful transfer designs from which to choose, each onesie is unique as a simple expression of your creativity. The entire process is quick and simple. Your handmade onesie can be ready in less than 15 minutes.

Handmade Onesies are Easy-Peasy!

I have a true fascination with handmade onesies. My two young grandbabies are now out of the onesie phase of their lives, so look for opportunities to create them. Come summer there will be plenty of baby showers invitations and I can hardly wait.


New Designer Starter Kit Launches

The Holidays will be here before we know it.  Though it is still quite warm here in Kansas, we are slowly approaching the end of Summer.  I cannot help to turn my thoughts to the festivities ahead.  As if the anticipation of Autumn’s glorious unfolding of colorful splendor wasn’t enough excitement for me, the Chalk Couture new Designer Starter Kit is being introduced to finish out the year.

September 1st is marked in green on my calendar and I am READY! Not that I am able to purchase a new designer starter kit or anything, but I know there is going to be an influx of new designers clamoring to begin their new Chalk Couture journey. I have no doubt about it! Our entire Chalkpreneurs TEAM is ready to welcome lots of newbies that are ready to create and have fun.

New Designer Starter Kit video

Chalk Couture has simple solutions to satisfy your passion for your creative adventures. Our new designer starter kit kicks it all off with everything needed to slay your most challenging decor needs, but with an ease of limitless possibilities.

Need design inspiration? Our Chalk Couture groups are perfect for finding inspiration and plenty of commeraderie between Designers. Once your new designer starter kit is on its way, you are able to check out your back office corporate resources, as well as join our team groups for lively discussions and much more. Because we have Designers from all over the continent,  you will discover a  plethora of  ideas to fuel your newly acquired Chalk-Fire.

create your own destiny

new designer starter kit - chalk couture - jana zuercher - that chalky gal - talkchalkytome dot com

Want more info? Please reach out to me. I would love to help you get your new designer starter kit on its way to its new home!

Come join the fun in my Chalky Gals VIF (very important friends) Facebook Group. To learn more about Chalk Couture in a very quiet, non-intrusive enviroment, join my Chalkpreneurs TEAM Opportunity Group. It’s a super quiet place where you can look around at all the info without worry of being ‘hounded’… hence the fact that we sometimes call it the Library! ha ha!

Thanks for hangin’ out with me!

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Chalky Gals VIP

Who likes FREEBIES, special invitations, and wants to stay up-to-date with all things Chalk Couture? (Is your hand raised high?) You can find all of that and a bag of chips when you join our Chalk Gals VIP Group.

CG VIPS are like the cool gal chalker club for grown-ups. Learn about the latest and greatest of what’s happenin’ with Chalk Couture by joining our online Chalky Gals VIP Facebook group. We will be hosting Facebook Lives, Demonstrations, and Live Group Zooms for learning all sorts of tips and tricks of use and care of your Chalk Couture products.

As we grow, there will be group challenges and activities – with PRIZES! Rewards for participation within the group. OH! and SPECIALS… unannounced personal goodies JUST for the Chalky Gals VIP group.

Chalky Gals VIPs Rock!

Just recently, I hosted a Shopportunity within the group as a treat for our members. Want to know what that meant? Join the group.

Being a Chalky Gals VIP offers you the opportunity to meet new crafty, maker friends, as well. To join, please submit your request at Chalky Gals VIP.

Another option to join our community is to send me a Facebook message and/or friend request me at Jana Zuercher on Facebook.

Spring Summer Launch

As I write this, it is T-minus TEN MINUTES until our Chalk Couture Spring Summer Launch! This has been such a long, long wait for the live release of our brand new catalog. Over 120 new transfers, surfaces and accessories are ready to blast the internet!

Spring Summer Launch is HERE!

Are you ready for some awesomeness? 10AM CST – Be there or be square!

Personalized Reversible Sequins

Reversible sequins seem to be all the rage right now, especially with Teens. I must say that I, myself, have a difficult time passing up the chance to reverse them when passing a lovely display in a store. Not having youngish ones at home any longer (I just became a Grammy!), I haven’t had a reason for creating personalized reversible sequins pillows until NOW! I just discovered that Chalk Couture has the perfect medium for making it my own!

The versatility of our Chalk Couture products continues to amaze me. Our Chalkology Paste is a perfect medium for inspiring you to add your very own creative touch to personalized reversible sequins pillows, bags, wallets and more.

Take a look at this tutorial video about our Chalkology Paste and personalized reversible sequins by a Sister Chalk Couture Designer.