Let’s Get This Party Started

Chalk Couture JouRney

Chalk Couture Paste - Jana Zuercher -Designer - talk chalk to me dot com

Thank you so much for following along with me as I begin my Chalk Couture Journey. Normally, I am a fast start, let’s-get-this-show-on-the-road kind of gal, but family always comes first. I couldn’t wait to become a new Chalk Couture Designer and knew I wanted to join on Independence Day (a little personal, ironic symbolism here), so I joined knowing that it would be a few weeks for me to actually begin. As my commitments and projects fell into place, I (not-so) patiently waited until I could actually begin to become best friends with my new Chalk Couture Designer Kit.

Chalk Couture Chalkology Ink - Jana Zuercher - Designer - talkchalktome dot com

I am no stranger to chalk paint or direct sales, but Chalkology Paste and Inks are horses of a different color. So that is where MY Chalk Couture party starts, learning about the products and how to use them. My philosophy is that it is always so much more fun if you take a friend along on any learning journey. So… guess what? You are along for the ride!
These two lovely ladies share the benefits and differences between our two very popular products, Chalk Couture Ink and Chalk Couture Paste.

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Welcome to My New World

Welcome to my brand new website.

For the past six months, I had to sit ‘quietly’ after leaving my prior business. Six months of pondering what was ‘next for me’… wondering what best suits me for this new chapter in my life… and most of all where is it that I want to go from here. There are so many opportunities on my bucket list that I am going to have to start knocking them out in pairs. I don’t have all the energy that I once had, but I still have dreams, and ideas of what my life could still be after settling comfortably into my empty-nester role.

One thing that has been definitely decided is that I will seek new experiences and learn new ways of being creative. Using the remembrance of learned lessons in aligning my thoughts and guiding me to move forward with my adventures and to create a new destiny .

As you join in on my conversations, please keep in mind that I often ramble.. most likely will have grammar and spelling errors, accompanied with just plain ol’ everyday typos. Perfection is not in my vocabulary nor in my desired outcomes. Beauty shines best in the inevitable imperfections of life.