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Chalk Couture Products


Hello and WELCOME!  Whether by accident or purposefully, I am so excited that you are visiting my little piece of Chalk Couture Goodness!  Thank you! Discover your new passion with Chalk Couture Products.

I love to craft and I am guessing that you do as well. One of the most important things that I would like for you to learn while you are here, is that Chalk Couture Chalking is about as EASY as it gets in the crafting realm of things. The products are completely versatile and can be used in creating so many wonderful projects. No matter f you are a

  • ‘professional’  Crafter -Maker who has a huge Etsy following,
  • a beginning Crafter,  OR
  • somewhere in between

you will be significantly impressed, not only with the ease of use, but with just how QUICKLY Chalk Couture projects are completed.

When I first found Chalk Couture Products, I was slightly intimidated. Yep, I admit it freely! After some due diligence and watching a few YouTube videos, I thought I would give it a go. Add some new “toys” to my crafting cache.  As I was waiting for my new Designer Starter Kit to arrive, my demeanor changed. Here I am now….sharing with the world!

So, thank you again for stopping by and please let me know if I may answer any questions for you. If you are interested in hanging out in my new customer/vip group head on over to to join.

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