Canada Launch Date is Near

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It’s Official! Canada has Launched! 

Join our TEAM!  ID#21197 Jana Zuercher

Chalk Couture is expanding to Canada….LIKE….SOON! The Buzz is LOUD and the excitement is building….because this is HUGE! Canada DIYers, Crafters, Makers  will soon have all of this Chalkology Goodness for their very own!

WHEN?… When?… WHEN? You ask?

Though Chalk Couture has NOT announced a specific date, prior official announcements expressed that  enrollment for pre-registered Canadians to become Designers will begin “EARLY TO MID MAY.”  We are hearing this is still on track!

Canada Launch Date

Jana Zuercher, That Chalk Gal Sponsor ID#21197

When an official date is set you KNOW you will be hearing it right here at Talk Chalk{y} to Me straight away.,Chalk Couture Corporate will make an official announcement in all Pre-Registrant and Designer groups, so that everyone will have the same information at the same time. All the pertinent info about how, when and where to officially enroll will  also be announced at the same time.

Our TEAM, the Chalkpreneurs, has a few Canada Pre-Registrants. In preparation for the official launch and enrollment, some are even building their own potential TEAMS. We are super excited and ready to meet our new Canadian Friends!

Just  little side-note …  your “soft hold” from Pre-Registration will be valid for a full two weeks after launch begins.

Are you interested in being part of the Canada Ground Floor Opportunity and building your own potentially life-changing empire? Pre-Registered allows you to begin telling all of your friends, so they may also pre-Register along with you.  It does not matter whether you enroll on the first day of launch or a little later–our amazing Chalk Couture Starter Kits are ready to head out the door straight to beautiful Canada!

Canada Launch Coming Soon

Are you a United States Citizen and want more information about beginning your own Chalk Couture Journey? Connect with me online at Facebook or Instagram or send me a voice message by clicking the red button in the sidebar to the right. >>>>


canada launch date


Chalk Couture Kickstarter – how it all began

The Chalk Couture Kickstarter Video popped up in my YouTube suggested videos feed and it made me think about how much the company has grown since its beginning. I don’t know how many Independent Designers there are across the Nation, but a few months before I joined Chalk Couture, I had heard over 10,000 during the first year. Wow!

At first I thought that maybe I had waited too long to jump on this adventure, but soon after, my alter ego  – this lesser known analytical person spoke up and reminded me that with around 326 MILLION peeps in the U.S. that number equated to approximately 32,600 Chalk Couture Designers to each person in our population.

That 32K sounds like good odds to me, but when I think about it more I realize that not all of those Designers have joined to build a business. It gets even better! Many people join Chalk Couture just so they can take advantage of the AWESOME 40% discount on personal and inventory purchases. SAY WHAT? Yep, it is true.. FORTY… FOUR-0, 40% DISCOUNT! And if someone orders directly from my corporate replicated website.. I earn 25%.  This numbers are completely mind-blowing to me, coming from other companies that only offered 20-25% discount.
Watching this Chalk Couture Kickstarter video makes me want to kick myself for not starting sooner. But as the saying goes, “Better late than never.” There is so much room for growth. I still think of Chalk Couture as a ground floor opportunity

Chalk Couture Kickstarter YouTube Video

This has been such an exciting beginning for me. The Chalkology Paste and Couture Ink are such a joy to work with with any type of crafting.  I love that I am able to combine it into all aspects of my crafting and gift making. It is like having two separate businesses in one.  I am able to offer workshops/classes but may also sell my completed project at vendor events and in my booth space. How lucky can a Chalky Gal get?



Chalk Couture Starter Kit

Chalk Couture Starter Kit

Finally! I can announce my new adventure. I am a new Chalk Couture Independent Designer. On July 4th, I decided to make a statement of Independence and join the ranks, as many friends have before me. With the baby shower and other large project at the forefront of July, I didn’t even open my starter kit until the very end of July.
Now that life is getting a little back to normal, I have been dabbling a bit here and there.  Chalk Couture is quite different than my past companies. The avenues for income are a bit more varied than what I have experienced before. I am mostly limited by my own imagination (or lack thereof). The Chalk Couture New Designer Starter Kit is very reasonably priced at $99. Your starter kit arrives to your front door  with over $240 in Chalkology Pastes, Chalk Couture Transfers, a very nice Apron (that is comfortable for even this big ol’ gal) and much more to get you off to a great beginning.

Your Chalk Couture Starter Kit will include: 

1 Designer Start-Up Guide 1 Pack Of Thank You Cards (12) 1 Chalk Couture Apron 1 Small Squeegee 8 Chalk Transfers (Various Sizes) Create (A)  Have Courage (A)  Ask Me How (B) Established Wreath (B) Explore More (B) Farm Sweet Farm (B) Vision Board (B) Club Couture Chalk Transfer Of The Month (B) 5 Chalkology Pastes (3 Oz. Jars)   Currant Jam  Garden Herb Peacock  Storm White 1 Aiden White Chalkboard (9” × 12”)  1 Boutique Board (10”, Round) Please reach out to me with any questions you may have or let’s connect through FACEBOOK.   jana zuercher- chalk couture- independent consultant