Motivational Monday

motivational monday with That Chalky Gal

Here it is. As unimaginative (on my part) as it is, in hopes of brightening your day, I am offering up Motivational Monday inspiration to start the week in grand fashion.

I have no earth-shattering, self authored wisdom to depart this Monday, but I DO have quite a collection of favorite sayings and quotes. Today I share them with you.

Please feel absolutely free to ‘borrow’… ‘steal’….or ‘share’ any of these graphics as you please.

mmotivational monday - that chalky gal

Whether it is Motivational Monday or any other simple day of the week, we sometimes need that one quick moment to change the direction the day is headed. We have that control over our own attitudes.

motivational monday at that chalky gal

Whether we are the happy-go-lucky type of being or a complete ‘control freak’ there will always be a time in which we should just surrender, have faith, and move on with our lives.  As difficult as it seems, there is a sense of calm that usually follows that release of ‘what was’.

Challenging ourselves is often times all  it takes to break the rut, pushing us to grow beyond imagination.  I personally have a slight fear of doing Facebook Lives. I don’t know why (well, actually I do but that is another post for another time) but I do know no matter what I need to just do it scared. Our Chalkpreneurs TEAM members will tell you that I preach this continually. Growth comes from stepping toward that that makes us feel insecure or afraid.

We all have naysayers amongst us. The solution to overcoming their words is simple. Say thank you and then move on! Having a sense of humor and desire for adventure can be very rewarding.

motivational monday with that chalky gal

Luck? What is luck? Success comes from putting forth continual effort until the task is complete.

So, what is YOUR favorite motivational reminder?


A Motivational Monday Collection can also be found on my growing Pinterest Board at That Chalky Gal.