Five Ways to Make Money with Chalk Couture

Five Ways to Make Money with Chalk CotureSo often I hear of friends who are looking for ways to make extra money. Sometimes it is not really ‘extra’ money, but making money in general. Chalk Couture is a fun business that can bring extra income to the household budget and with true diligence, has the potential to even replace a full time income.

As we explore the avenues of revenue with Chalk Couture, be mindful that success comes with commitment and continuity engaging in known income producing activities.

Flexibility in the Chalk Couture Policies and Procedures makes building a business just that much easier. The versatility allows an Independent Designer opportunities to diversify streams of income all within one company.

Let’s take a look at

5 Ways to Make Money with Chalk Couture


Online Sales of Chalk Couture Products 

Once you become a Chalk Couture Independent Designer your replicated website will be available for your customers to shop 24-7. Purchases from the site will generate 25% commissions, paid once a month.

Five Ways to Make Money

Sales of Finished Projects

Independent Designers are allowed to sell completed projects. You may sell those completed crafts, home decor, etc without restrictions. Whether you choose to sell completed projects online on social media, a personal website, or on online selling platforms (such as etsy) you determine your own price points and best venue for your work.  The same is true for  booth rental spaces at your local flea market or antique malls, you choose your locations and set your own pricing.

Conduct Pop-Up Events or Workshops

As an Independent Designer you can offer a social event for your customers with Pop Up Events, In Home Parties, Sip and Chalks and More. Let your imagination and creativity help guide your choice of venues/events.

Pop-Up Shops

Vendor Events allow for you to sell your completed projects, as well as Chalk Couture supplies, bundles and more. When purchasing inventory for these pop-up shops, Independent Designers get a 40% discount, therefore the commissions earned is even greater!

Building a TEAM 

Crafting, creating and building a business is always so much fun with a team. Chalk Couture’s Compensation Plan is very generous in commissions, but even more so when building a team of new Chalking Friends.

5 Ways to Make Money

Want to know more about Chalk Couture and our TEAM? Let’s visit.

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2 thoughts on “Five Ways to Make Money with Chalk Couture

  1. jana says:

    Hi Gail,
    Thanks so much for reaching out. Here is a link that will give you answers to some of your questions.
    I would love to visit with you.
    By obligations, do you mean costs beyond your initial business investment?

    The monthly website fee is 19.99 which includes the club couture exclusive transfer each month.

    To remain active requires 100 PV (personal volume) within each full quarter. This begins in your first full quarter as an Independent Designer. This amount can be a combination from any of these sources:
    >from website sales
    > personal discounted purchases
    > Club Couture subscriptions

    We can work together to help you easily meet these requirements.

    Please feel to reach out to me on social media at That Chalky Gal or send me an email. We can also visit on the telephone if that works best for you. 🙂

    Thanks so much,

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