Tiered Tray Home Decor

Have you noticed that Tiered Tray Decor is a HUGE trend these days? How many do you have? Do you change them out with each season or do you prefer it to compliment your home decor style? I kind of flip flop in that area, but I do love the fact that mine are easily changed at my every whim.

My Chalk Sisters have been sharing so many lovely Tiered Tray designs. I’m always inspired to “up-my-game” with my own Tiered Tray adventures.

Tiered Tray and Gnomes for Valentine’s Day!

Personally, I love gnomes with my Valentine’s Day decor. This adorable example from one of my Chalk Sisters is so perfect! Couture Teal and Candy Apple Chalkology Paste always makes a perfect pair, or a bit of Crimson Shimmer Chalk Paste could spice it up with a bit of sparkle!

Would you decorate your tiered tray for every seaon or holiday? If you are anything like me, you want it all to create all-the-pretties! Did you know that Chalk Couture Independent Designers get up to 40% off on all of their purchases? Yep, and we even earn Designers to use toward our purchases as well! Currently, new designers can join Chalk Couture for as low as $9.95 and get all of the wonderful perks! I would love to visit and share my four and half year Chalk Journey with you.