Best Craft Subscription – Club Couture

Club Couture is the craftiest reinvention of the monthly subscription experience. Exclusively offered by Chalk Couture and your favorite Independent Designer (moi!), you recieve a perfectly curated project transfer and paste packets each and every month. Our reusable silk-screen transfer stencils makes for easy craftiness in designing your perfect project or gift.

Past Club Couture Craft Kits

Tiered Tray Home Decor

Have you noticed that Tiered Tray Decor is a HUGE trend these days? How many do you have? Do you change them out with each season or do you prefer it to compliment your home decor style? I kind of flip flop in that area, but I do love the fact that mine are easily changed at my every whim.

My Chalk Sisters have been sharing so many lovely Tiered Tray designs. I’m always inspired to “up-my-game” with my own Tiered Tray adventures.

Tiered Tray and Gnomes for Valentine’s Day!

Personally, I love gnomes with my Valentine’s Day decor. This adorable example from one of my Chalk Sisters is so perfect! Couture Teal and Candy Apple Chalkology Paste always makes a perfect pair, or a bit of Crimson Shimmer Chalk Paste could spice it up with a bit of sparkle!

Would you decorate your tiered tray for every seaon or holiday? If you are anything like me, you want it all to create all-the-pretties! Did you know that Chalk Couture Independent Designers get up to 40% off on all of their purchases? Yep, and we even earn Designers to use toward our purchases as well! Currently, new designers can join Chalk Couture for as low as $9.95 and get all of the wonderful perks! I would love to visit and share my four and half year Chalk Journey with you.

Chalk Couture Tutorial Videos


chalk couture tutorial videos

I am finally jumping into making Chalk Couture Tutorial Videos. Being on camera has always been a bit intimidating to me.  Chalk Couture tutorial videos are a significant priority for me now.  My confidence is growing, therefore my trepidity becoming less and less of a scary thing for me. So here I am sharing my first video with you.

 Chalk Couture Tutorial Videos

In this video, I decorated a small surface purchased from Dollar Tree with our Fawn colored Chalkology Paste and the Roam Where You Want To Transfer. To get notifications when new tutorials are added, please follow me on YouTube.

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