Chalk Couture Available in New Brunswick. Canada

Chalk Couture Canada

chalk couture available in new brunswick

Our Canadian Community is expanding!  Let the headlines read…”Chalk Couture Available in New Brunswick. Canada”.

The entire launch of Chalk Couture into Canada has been an exciting adventure and now we have just one more reason to celebrate. The province of New Brunswick can now enjoy all the DIY Crafty-ness of being a Chalk Couture Customer or Independent Designer!

Rumor has it that Nova Scotia, Canada approval is coming soon, too!

What a wonderful opportunity for potential new Designers in both provinces!  The propensity for growth is limitless!

Want to learn more about Chalk Couture?  I would love to connect with you and offer support in your possible new adventure. You can find me on Facebook at That Chalky Gal or at Check out my corporate website at