Benefits of Taking Creativity Breaks

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According to scientists, Creativity Breaks are more important than we realize for success and longevity.

Studies have shown that taking creativity breaks relieves monotony and potential boredom. Additionally they breed confidence, enhancing problem solving abilities and productivity.

creativity breaks - productivity - longevity


Taking creative breaks away from everyday processes often  leaves one feeling refreshed and accomplished. Exploring your own creativeness can be a pattern interrupt from the mundane in your week. Channeling your own ingenuity or creative prowess could inadvertently lead to discovering better solutions and increased productivity in other areas of our lives.


Creativity Breaks and Longevity


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Though those are all very good reasons to participate in creativity breaks, taking time to explore your creative side with any type of creating  seems to have some life altering benefits.  While researching the validity of these claims, I discovered an informative article “Creativity Predicts a Longer Life” published by Scientific American.


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Even the smallest of projects can get the neurons going.


“Taking time to exercise our brain in creative ways is beneficial in keeping our brains healthy and running properly, which is one of the most important, aspects of aging successfully—a fact shown by creative persons living longer in our study.”

“Individuals high in creativity maintain the integrity of their neural networks even into old age,”

“The researchers found that only creativity—not intelligence or overall openness—decreased mortality risk.”

Nicholas Turiano, now at the University of Rochester Medical Center is quoted throughout the article.


my top 5 creativity break reasons

MY TOP 5 Benefits of Taking Creativity Breaks


5. When I get my crafty ‘mojo’ going  I easily transcend into my “own little {happy} world”.

4.  I  forget about the daily grind and therefore can relax and rejuvenate. 

3. Creating, with my own hands,  makes me proud.

2. Creating takes me on vacation.   

1.  Using my hoard of crafting supplies, bit by bit, releases me of any restraints for purchasing MORE!

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