New Chalk Couture Starter Kit – February 2022

Want to make money with your crafting business? Four years ago, I decided the answer to that question was YES! That is when I found Chalk Couture and have loved every moment of it!

Kit Contents
Our Starter Kits have been revamped a little. You will love them!

The Chalk Couture™ Standard Starter Kit includes revolutionary Chalkology® Paste and Chalk Transfer® designs, several exciting surfaces, and the opportunity for you to build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Join today and your business starter kit will include:

6 Chalk Transfer designs in various sizes

~ Club Couture™ monthly Transfer
~ Bright White Chalkology Paste (3 US fl. oz. jar)
~ 12 Chalkology Paste Singles in various colors (.19 US fl. oz.)
~ Couture Gallery™ Aiden Style White Frame (9” x 12”)
~ Couture Boutique® Board & Base (Black, 5” x 7”)
~ Couture Boutique Chalkable Chips (Black, 12-Pack, 3”, Round)
~ Color Trays
~ Small Squeegee
~ Mini Squeegee
~ Multi-tool
~ Fuzzing Cloth
~ Designer Start-Up Guide
~ Spring/Summer ChalkStyle Catalog 2022
~ Chalk Couture Apron*Standard Starter Kit contents are subject to change based on new product releases and availability. The Standard Starter Kit retail value is approximately $250 USD/$329 CAD.

A beautiful way to start your new crafty business. The Chalk Couture Starter Kit has been revamped and enhanced for the best Chalk Experience.

JOIN NOW WITH THE STANDARD STARTER KIT and you will be prepared to set your new business on a successful journey.

Chalk Couture now presents a second option for new Independent Designers on their new business journey. The Business Basics Pack is perfect for someone who would like to design their own perfect starter bundle.

Just the Basics, Thank You! 

The Business Basics Starter Kit contains a Designer Start-Up Guide, Spring/Summer ChalkStyle Catalog 2022, apron, and one business builder Transfer.

The $19 USD  of this Business Basics Starter Kit price adjusts monthly in Canada. Taxes and shipping are additional.

I would love to answer any questions you may have, as well as invite you to join my Chalky Gals Club on Facebook. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Back(pack) to Business Chalk Couture

WOW…I am loving this new Back(pack) to Business Chalk Couture new designer promotion. August is beginning to wind down. Kids are back in school. Soon, school sports will be filling our calendars and cooler weather chillin’ our bones. August is the perfect time to start something new and Chalk Couture has my vote. As if our amazing new designer starter kit wasn’t perfect already, Chalk Couture has added a bonus purchase opportunity for this beautiful, blush colored backpack. Currently, this is ONLY available to new Designers. Take a look in this short video with Christine from our Corporate office.

Given the opportunity, I would be gladly be handing over my debit card to purchase this blushing beauty, but for now I’ll just be super happy for our new TEAM members that get their hands on this limited offer.

Now let’s get real. Having the opportunity to add such a hecka-cool bag to a new adventure is like.. uh.. AWEsome, but the starter kit itself is packed full of an impressive haul of total craftiness, as well.  Whether you are looking for some new ‘tools’ to ‘up’ your creativity or wanting to earn extra craft cash for your crafty habit OR looking to start your own business, Chalk Couture might be the right fit for you. Want to know more? Let’s Talk Chalk!
talk chalk to me - jana zuercher - chalk couture designer - that chalky gal

Chalk Couture Starter Kit

Chalk Couture Starter Kit

Finally! I can announce my new adventure. I am a new Chalk Couture Independent Designer. On July 4th, I decided to make a statement of Independence and join the ranks, as many friends have before me. With the baby shower and other large project at the forefront of July, I didn’t even open my starter kit until the very end of July.
Now that life is getting a little back to normal, I have been dabbling a bit here and there.  Chalk Couture is quite different than my past companies. The avenues for income are a bit more varied than what I have experienced before. I am mostly limited by my own imagination (or lack thereof). The Chalk Couture New Designer Starter Kit is very reasonably priced at $99. Your starter kit arrives to your front door  with over $240 in Chalkology Pastes, Chalk Couture Transfers, a very nice Apron (that is comfortable for even this big ol’ gal) and much more to get you off to a great beginning.

Your Chalk Couture Starter Kit will include: 

1 Designer Start-Up Guide 1 Pack Of Thank You Cards (12) 1 Chalk Couture Apron 1 Small Squeegee 8 Chalk Transfers (Various Sizes) Create (A)  Have Courage (A)  Ask Me How (B) Established Wreath (B) Explore More (B) Farm Sweet Farm (B) Vision Board (B) Club Couture Chalk Transfer Of The Month (B) 5 Chalkology Pastes (3 Oz. Jars)   Currant Jam  Garden Herb Peacock  Storm White 1 Aiden White Chalkboard (9” × 12”)  1 Boutique Board (10”, Round) Please reach out to me with any questions you may have or let’s connect through FACEBOOK.   jana zuercher- chalk couture- independent consultant