Creative Christmas Present to Yourself

Chalk Couture has the perfect way to start the new year beautifully with our Creative Kickstart campaign. The Blooming Botanicals Transfers offers two Transfer designs that work well individually or side-by-side (like Chalk Stories™). Whether you already love to create or have been wanting to find a new creative outlet, the Choose Happy or Live Your Dreams  Kickstarter Kits are the perfect creative Christmas present to yourself.


Have you Been Searching for that perfect creative Christmas gift to yourselF?

Naughty or Nice? You made your list and checked it twice. It’s  your opportunity to turn the tables with a little ‘self-gifting’ and pick up a few gifts just for you.    Because you deserve it, start your year off on a hip note of creativitness and positivity with either choice of our Blooming Kickstarter Kits.

Each Blooming  Kickstart Kit includes

Perfect Creative Christmas Gift to Yourself Choose Happy Chalk Couture Kickstarter Transfer

 Choose Happy: (Retail Value $38.98/$52.38)
• Blooming Botanicals Selection—Happy
(B-sized) ($14.99 USD/$19.99 CAD)
• Couture Boutique™ Board Greyson White
Frame (9″ × 12″) ($19.99 USD/$26.99 CAD)
• 2 paste singles (Peony, Guava)
($4.00 USD/$5.40 CAD)
Customers can select  one or both of the two delightful kits. The promo price for each kit is $29.99 USD/$39.99 CAD

Live Your Dreams Perfect Creative Christmas Present to Yourself

Live Your Dreams: (Retail Value $38.98/$52.38)
• Blooming Botanicals Selection—Dreams
(B-sized) ($14.99 USD/$19.99 CAD)
• Couture Boutique™ Board Greyson White
Frame (9″ × 12″) ($19.99 USD/$26.99 CAD)
• 2 paste singles (Sage, Couture Teal)
($4.00 USD/$5.40 CAD)

Yes, ’tis the season for giving, however no one ever said we have to leave ourselves off of the ”Nice List”.  With all the holly-jolly-hustle-bustle, the making that list and checking it twice, let’s add one more very special name to that  list….. ours!

If you would like to know what special gift offer I have available with either of these two beautiful Blooming Botanicals Selections, join my VIF (very.important.friends.) Facebook Group.

The promo launchgoes through January 31 at 11:59 pm MT
(or while supplies last).


The Elf Made Me Do It

The Elf Made Me Do it

One of the most popular Chalk Couture Transfers of the Season, The Elf has been making his rounds to all the fun chalkers’ homes this season. DIY Christmas Decor is super easy and fun.  Check out this Facebook Live recording of the The Elf Made Me Do It Chalk Couture project.

 Check out these inspiring DIY ‘The Elf Made Me Do It’ projects shared by some super awesome Chalk Sisters!

An adorable kids’ t-shirt decorated with The Elf Made Me Do It in Shimmer Silver, Candy Apple, and Green Chalkology Ink.
Kits' Shirt - The Elf Made Me Do It


More Candy Apple, Green and Silver Shimmer Chalk Paste  on a Chalk Couture Circle Board and glammed up with a cute little bow and Elfie legs.

The Elf Made Me Do It - Circle Board - Chalk Couture - That Chalky Gal - Jana

Everyone will ‘drool’ over these cutesy bibs! Even our youngest darlings need to strut their Christmas Spirit, right?

DIY Baby Bibs - The Elf Made Me Do It

Motivational Monday

motivational monday with That Chalky Gal

Here it is. As unimaginative (on my part) as it is, in hopes of brightening your day, I am offering up Motivational Monday inspiration to start the week in grand fashion.

I have no earth-shattering, self authored wisdom to depart this Monday, but I DO have quite a collection of favorite sayings and quotes. Today I share them with you.

Please feel absolutely free to ‘borrow’… ‘steal’….or ‘share’ any of these graphics as you please.

mmotivational monday - that chalky gal

Whether it is Motivational Monday or any other simple day of the week, we sometimes need that one quick moment to change the direction the day is headed. We have that control over our own attitudes.

motivational monday at that chalky gal

Whether we are the happy-go-lucky type of being or a complete ‘control freak’ there will always be a time in which we should just surrender, have faith, and move on with our lives.  As difficult as it seems, there is a sense of calm that usually follows that release of ‘what was’.

Challenging ourselves is often times all  it takes to break the rut, pushing us to grow beyond imagination.  I personally have a slight fear of doing Facebook Lives. I don’t know why (well, actually I do but that is another post for another time) but I do know no matter what I need to just do it scared. Our Chalkpreneurs TEAM members will tell you that I preach this continually. Growth comes from stepping toward that that makes us feel insecure or afraid.

We all have naysayers amongst us. The solution to overcoming their words is simple. Say thank you and then move on! Having a sense of humor and desire for adventure can be very rewarding.

motivational monday with that chalky gal

Luck? What is luck? Success comes from putting forth continual effort until the task is complete.

So, what is YOUR favorite motivational reminder?


A Motivational Monday Collection can also be found on my growing Pinterest Board at That Chalky Gal.


Happy Fallidays Club Couture Subsciption

The Happy Fallidays Club Couture Subsciption Transfer is one of the most loved selections of ALL.  With every new launch, Chalk Couture Corporate is very adept at exceeding our expectations at every opportunity.

Club Couture Subscription October

Do you love to DIY? Enjoy crafting? Are you curious about how much you would enjoy crafting with all the goodness that Chalk Couture brings to the table? Your Club Couture monthly subscription brings  the monthly exclusive adhesive silk-screen transfer and three individual Chalk Paste packets for only $19..99 plus tax. Only Independent Designers and Club Couture Members have access to these monthly Designs. Outside of the subscription, they cannot be purchased.

To make creating simple, online video tutorials are made available for each month’s transfer. Take a moment to view this Chalk Couture Corporate video for October’s subscription transfer.

Throughout the year, Club Couture Subscribers receive other special offers and treats. It is all part of the exclusivity and appreciation for you as a subscriber.

Happy Fallidays Club Couture Subscription Design


Happy Fallidays Club Couture Subscription


Halloween Chalk Couture Style

Oh YES! It’s time for all the little ghosts and goblins to ready for All Hallows Eve! I always look forward to decorating for Halloween.  So…who can resist Halloween Chalk Couture Style? Not this Chalky Gal!

October has passed so quickly that I haven’t decorated as much as I would normally. Lucky for me, Chalk Couture Halloween decor is super easy and I did get one special project ready in time!

Since I don’t have as many of my own projects to share,  I have chosen some favorite Sister-Designer creativeness. I feel so blessed to be among such an amazing group of Independent Designers who are all quick to share.

Sister Designer Designs

halloween chalk couture style collection

An Independent Designer’s Collection of Halloween Chalk Art Projects

Halloween Chalk Couture Style victorian skulls chalked on a table

The Chalk Couture Victorian Skulls Transfer Chalked Designs on a Table

Halloween Chalk Couture Style - Door Tag

Spirit of Halloween Transfer

halloween chalk couture style - victorian skull  inked onto pillow covers

Victorian Skulls and Chalkology Ink on Chalk Couture Pillow Covers

These are all beautiful examples of the versatility of Chalk Paste, Inks, and our adhesive silk-screen transfers. Being able to reuse the adhesive transfers many times saves me lots of money and time. One of my most firm testimonies is just how quick I can make all of my Chalk Couture projects, which in turn also saves me and my customers money.

Halloween Chalk Couture Style at my house

One of my most favorite complete Halloween Chalk Couture projects is this adorable upcycled ceiling fan blade front door tags.  Two Chalk Couture Transfers Come Sit for a Spell and the Victorian Skull  are highlighted in this Halloween decor. The front door tag decoration is mainly of monotone hues of our Chalkology Paste. I was really excited when I found these ceiling fan blades at a very reasonable price at a local ReHab Store.

November is here next week and I am already planning my Thanksgiving and Fall projects to share with you all! Hope to see you again… SOON!


Family Chalk Time is the Best Time!

Family Chalk Time is always fun! Not too long ago I was blessed with the opportunity to get together with family for a few days. Both daughters were there, as well as both grandbabies. (ALWAYS an awesome bonus). We decided to do a short bit of chalking while Dad and Grandpa watched the li’l munchkins.

family chalk time with chalk couture

Hais is positioning the different pieces of our Happy Fall Y’all silkscreen transfer on a artist’s canvas. This was the first time we had chalked together.

She made quick work of her artwork and promptly displayed in on her new fireplace mantel.

family chalk time - happy fall y'all

This was just a quick little impromptu mother-daughter chalk session that I hope will become a regular event with both daughter.  Crafting together is always a fun family bonding moment.

I would love to see photos of your Family Chalk Time or Crafting. Feel free to share on my Facebook page at That Chalky Gal. Did you know that I offer virtual Chalk Couture workshops? Send me a message for more info!

canada launch date


Chalk Couture Available in New Brunswick. Canada

Chalk Couture Canada

chalk couture available in new brunswick

Our Canadian Community is expanding!  Let the headlines read…”Chalk Couture Available in New Brunswick. Canada”.

The entire launch of Chalk Couture into Canada has been an exciting adventure and now we have just one more reason to celebrate. The province of New Brunswick can now enjoy all the DIY Crafty-ness of being a Chalk Couture Customer or Independent Designer!

Rumor has it that Nova Scotia, Canada approval is coming soon, too!

What a wonderful opportunity for potential new Designers in both provinces!  The propensity for growth is limitless!

Want to learn more about Chalk Couture?  I would love to connect with you and offer support in your possible new adventure. You can find me on Facebook at That Chalky Gal or at Check out my corporate website at

Five Ways to Make Money with Chalk Couture

Five Ways to Make Money with Chalk CotureSo often I hear of friends who are looking for ways to make extra money. Sometimes it is not really ‘extra’ money, but making money in general. Chalk Couture is a fun business that can bring extra income to the household budget and with true diligence, has the potential to even replace a full time income.

As we explore the avenues of revenue with Chalk Couture, be mindful that success comes with commitment and continuity engaging in known income producing activities.

Flexibility in the Chalk Couture Policies and Procedures makes building a business just that much easier. The versatility allows an Independent Designer opportunities to diversify streams of income all within one company.

Let’s take a look at

5 Ways to Make Money with Chalk Couture


Online Sales of Chalk Couture Products 

Once you become a Chalk Couture Independent Designer your replicated website will be available for your customers to shop 24-7. Purchases from the site will generate 25% commissions, paid once a month.

Five Ways to Make Money

Sales of Finished Projects

Independent Designers are allowed to sell completed projects. You may sell those completed crafts, home decor, etc without restrictions. Whether you choose to sell completed projects online on social media, a personal website, or on online selling platforms (such as etsy) you determine your own price points and best venue for your work.  The same is true for  booth rental spaces at your local flea market or antique malls, you choose your locations and set your own pricing.

Conduct Pop-Up Events or Workshops

As an Independent Designer you can offer a social event for your customers with Pop Up Events, In Home Parties, Sip and Chalks and More. Let your imagination and creativity help guide your choice of venues/events.

Pop-Up Shops

Vendor Events allow for you to sell your completed projects, as well as Chalk Couture supplies, bundles and more. When purchasing inventory for these pop-up shops, Independent Designers get a 40% discount, therefore the commissions earned is even greater!

Building a TEAM 

Crafting, creating and building a business is always so much fun with a team. Chalk Couture’s Compensation Plan is very generous in commissions, but even more so when building a team of new Chalking Friends.

5 Ways to Make Money

Want to know more about Chalk Couture and our TEAM? Let’s visit.

Find me on Facebook!

canada launch - five ways to make money



A Special THANK YOU!

Sometimes we just have to ask for help. I want to send a HUGE Shout Out to someone very special for his help with getting Talk Chalky to Me back where it needed to be. This past week, I had been struggling with making some updates and was almost at my breaking point ….. to just give up with wading through all the many steps required. Tonight, I feel very blessed with less stress over technology all because of a completely awesome gentleman.

Thank you so much Lowell!

New Designer Starter Kit Launches

The Holidays will be here before we know it.  Though it is still quite warm here in Kansas, we are slowly approaching the end of Summer.  I cannot help to turn my thoughts to the festivities ahead.  As if the anticipation of Autumn’s glorious unfolding of colorful splendor wasn’t enough excitement for me, the Chalk Couture new Designer Starter Kit is being introduced to finish out the year.

September 1st is marked in green on my calendar and I am READY! Not that I am able to purchase a new designer starter kit or anything, but I know there is going to be an influx of new designers clamoring to begin their new Chalk Couture journey. I have no doubt about it! Our entire Chalkpreneurs TEAM is ready to welcome lots of newbies that are ready to create and have fun.

New Designer Starter Kit video

Chalk Couture has simple solutions to satisfy your passion for your creative adventures. Our new designer starter kit kicks it all off with everything needed to slay your most challenging decor needs, but with an ease of limitless possibilities.

Need design inspiration? Our Chalk Couture groups are perfect for finding inspiration and plenty of commeraderie between Designers. Once your new designer starter kit is on its way, you are able to check out your back office corporate resources, as well as join our team groups for lively discussions and much more. Because we have Designers from all over the continent,  you will discover a  plethora of  ideas to fuel your newly acquired Chalk-Fire.

create your own destiny

new designer starter kit - chalk couture - jana zuercher - that chalky gal - talkchalkytome dot com

Want more info? Please reach out to me. I would love to help you get your new designer starter kit on its way to its new home!

Come join the fun in my Chalky Gals VIF (very important friends) Facebook Group. To learn more about Chalk Couture in a very quiet, non-intrusive enviroment, join my Chalkpreneurs TEAM Opportunity Group. It’s a super quiet place where you can look around at all the info without worry of being ‘hounded’… hence the fact that we sometimes call it the Library! ha ha!

Thanks for hangin’ out with me!

canada launch date